Running attended in Picture in Picture

I’m not sure if this is a license question or a configuration question. I have a Studio enterprise license on my laptop. So far for the most part we have been creating processes and running them on our un-attended robot. We recently upgraded from version 20.4.1 to 20.10.4. Under 20.10.4 My robot assistant appears to only police my license and it no longer lets me kick off attended jobs. Now for me to run something attended I need to Launch Studio and run it from Studio. No big deal I guess, but now I need to get something running in picture in picture so the computer will remain usable.

Did I do something wrong wile upgrading that has crippled my UiPath Assistant, or has the license changed and I need a different license type to run attended PIP?


Wanted to add a screen shot of my UiPath Assistant. It shows no processes and I don’t know how to load process to the Assistant. In the old version all of my processes would be visible here so I could run them.

See my UiPath Assistant from my Laptop Studio machine below

I expect the screen to look like my un-attended Robot shown in the screen shot below


Found my issue. I need to turn on create attended robot in users tab

Or you could have manually created an Attended Robot

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