Unable to run process from UiPath robot tray

My requirement is simple. I have published the process from the studio. Now i am trying to run it from the UiPath robot list (from the tray). I do not want to connect to Orchestrator as the client doesn’t intend to buy Orchestrator. How do i go about solving this?

I just checked with UiPath Studio 2018.1.1 on Windows 7 and it worked fine.

What version of UiPath Studio are you using?
Does the package appear correctly in the robot tray?
Does the user have permission to access the file shown in the error (C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Projects\BMC.1.6635.28984\lib\net45\Main.xaml)?

I am not sure why the robot is checking for main.xml?

When i published, it is showing me BMC.xaml, but why is the robot accessing main.xml ?

Found the answer. Apparently UIPath looks for main.xaml. I changed my name to get it working. But a poor workaround.

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It looks for the name of the main workflow according to the settings in the project.json file.

The default main workflow called is Main.xaml, but, in your case, you can change that line in project.json to BMC.xaml and it should work (just remember to publish it again from Studio).

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