Process is not running from robot tray or Orchestrator Job

Hi All,

I am able to see my process in robot tray but on trying to run the process from robot tray and clicking on run button, it shows as running and gets completed but my process in studio don’t get executed.

Same thing happen from Orchestrator-Job also. Infact I am not able to run it either from Orchestrator or from robot tray.

In studio it runs well and gives me the expected output.

Please let me know what should I do.


Have you looked at the logs to see what is happening?

Log is showing as Success with execution time 1 second.

You are providing extremely limited information so it is extremely hard to help. However, my best guess is that the project.json has the wrong .xaml file named as the “main”. Make sure in the project.json that the file found after this is correct (usually main.xaml) "main": "Main.xaml",

Thanks Dave for your response.

My .xmal file is main.xmal file.

Please see the screen shot of the logs.

I made some changes in my main.xaml file and published it. Now it is working. Previously after making the changes I didn’t publish and so the process was not running through robot.

Your comment made me realized I was not publishing the changes.

Thanks for your support.


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