Without main.xaml


Can we run the process without main.xaml from orchestrator?.

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No buddy
When a process is called from orchestrator it will run the main file only
It similar like how we do in programming languages

But we can rename the main xaml in Project.Json file of the project so that it will get executed when triggered from orchestrator
But still it acts as a main xaml @monish06

Without main.xaml it wont run from studio also right?

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You can rename the file to whatever name you want but this should be the starting point of the process.
Well if you want you can add another XML and mark it as Set as main, And that new XML file will be your main file.

Nooo…we can run xaml that is any xaml (apart from main.xaml) from being in a studio
But if we are running as a Project from a robot tray or by bat file from cmd window we need to have a main.xaml file

Cheers @monish06

Let me check this, As I doubt, we need a file named main.xml, we can rename and set any file as Main and that should ideally work and should run from robot tray or orchestrator or cmd window.

Will test it and update it, when i will get time

perfect!!! thank you guys…

You can ran a process from Orchestrator or process tray without main.xml file, but as a requirement one .xml file should be set as main and it will work fine.

The idea is any file set as main will be executed by the robot, the name can be anything.

Sets to replicate:
Create a process.
Add a new flowchart or sequence.
Select the flowchart and set as main.
delete the main.xml file.
run the process from orchestrator or process tray.


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