Unable to run a workflow

Dear experts,

I am trying to run a workflow using get outlook mail message activity but it says folder does not exist


Is the folder you gave the correct one?


Hi @Shreya_Mitra1,
If your folder is sub folder in Inbox so you need to add full folder path like below
inbox\Folder Name

Hi @Shreya_Mitra1 ,

If you are not using a shared mailbox and if you have entered email address in the “Account” property of the Get Outlook Mail Message activity, can you try after removing it?

Hi @Shreya_Mitra1

Check the below points.

  1. The folder that you are trying to access may not exist in your Outlook account. Make sure that you have spelled the folder name correctly and that the folder actually exists.
  2. You may not have sufficient permissions to access the specified folder. Check with your Outlook administrator to make sure that you have the necessary permissions.

Kaviyarasu N