Folder does not exist

Good morning. Am trying to connect my studio to my outlook but i keep on getting this error message. Will appreciate if this can be looked into. Thanks


Could you share the properties what you have set while reading emails because by default it works on the Inbox folder.


Hi @hhabbey05, welcome to the Community.

Make sure you are indicating the correct folder name in the Get Outlook Mail Message activity & that folder must be available in your Outlook.

If the issue persists, please close the Studio & Outlook instance, open them again & try to execute the same thing, it will work.

Hope this helps,
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This is the properties screenshot. Thanks

The folder is available in my outlook but am still getting the same issue. Had to created new projects just to test it out, but it remains the same.

Hey Can you goto Control panel–> Mail → Check if there is only one outlook profile and you are using the correct one.

Also verify if you are able to send emails.



Is it a corporate laptop? If so in most outlook access will be blocked as well

Can you please check the exceptiond etails from locals panel when run in debug mode

Also is the folder name exactly matchign?

Can you try by keeping outlook open and check


Good afternoon Anil. I tried everything possible but it still wont work. I even had to test with the IMAP but its throwing a different error that has to do with configuration issues


Please show screenshot of the outlook and the activity…may be something might be missing

Or there is some firewall block or the outlook block setup