Unable to resolve dependency system.configuration.configurationmanager uipath


While updating excel actvities, i’m getting the above exception.
Can anybody help me on this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @tgopalas

You said about updating excel. May i know what exactly you are doing in excel?
What activity you use?
At what point does the error occur?

More details on this could narrow down the issue

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

I migrated the code from 1 system to the other - (with same version in both the systems)
In 1 system the code is working fine, but in the other I couldn’t able to run the code because of some package issue. So, I tried updating the excel package, that’s when i’m getting the above exception.
Please find the below screenshot

HI @tgopalas

Take the project.json file in both systems and compare whether you are missing anything or whether there is any difference compared with the old one. This can happen when some dependencies are missing as well. Checking it would help as the first level of trouble shooting :slight_smile:

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