Geeting error while insttalling excel activities

unable to resolve dependecy syste.configuration.configurationmaner (>4.5.0)

Could you share a screenshot ?


uninstall Uipath & install again

I have done the same… Is this related to version of uipath and just for the information when uipath is installed it is showing in thr %localappdata% and not in the c drive …

Please find the screen shot

Please find the attachment

Could you try to install a lower version and check if you are still getting the error ?

on a separate note ,
CE does get installed in app data local folders , thats all right , all you need to do is create a shortcut of the exe from appdata local and use that instead of running the downloaded installer.

I have tried with the latest version of todays date as well one of the file of ,2 years back date…same issues …is there can you share the any other version

what version of UiPath Studio are you on ?

Right now version is

Right now excel is started showing up…can you please help me as for each activity is not showing up in the activity panel

I think first it would be better if you can upgrade your studio community edition …
Is your machine not connected over internet ? Community edition should have automatically updated itself

It is connected to internet…every activity is showing up

But getting error while adding web activity and showing the error…unable to resolve dependency Microsoft.csharp 4.3

I think there seems to be some issue in the installation , could you remove the appdata local folder and re run the installer exe …