Unable to resolve dependency "HtmlAgilityPack -Version 1.8.2" while installing UIPathTeam.XPathWebScrape.Activities



I am trying to install UIPathTeam.XPathWebScrape.Activities package. But while doing so I am getting following error: Unable to Resolve dependency HtmlAgilityPack -Version 1.8.2. Can someone help me out on how to install it?


Can you check if ‘HTMLAgilityPack1.8.2’ is already installed under UiPath Installation path ‘…\UiPath\Activities’.?

Basically this dependency should be installed along with the Installation of the package. Check if you have an older version of HTMLAgilityPack already installed.

Also please confirm the version of UiPath Studio you are using.?

Rammohan B.


HTMLAgilityPack1.8.2 is not installed in the UIpath Installation path. I am using UIpath community edition