Custom Activity with Nuget package dependency

We are trying to have custom activity installed in UiPath. Custom Activity dll internally referencing a nuget package. Unable to install this package in studio. UiPath is not able to resolve the referenced nuget package. UiPath can do this?

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Hi @Nambirajan.S

Does the package appear in Manage Packages in Studio?

Yes… It appears in Mange packages. On clicking install button - getting error message unable to resolve dependency dll

What’s the dependency? It should be able to auto-resolve for things already installed and packages available via nuget.

Dependency package is HtmlAgilityPack for traversing html document and this is available in Nuget

Can you attach your nuspec?

I am creating package directly through Nuget Package Explorer Tool by adding all the dependencies in the tool itself. so no .nuspec

There is a .nuspec - if you extract your .nupkg (via Winrar, 7zip etc. or just rename it to .zip and extract) you can find it. The tool just creates it for you.


Looks fine… Did a quick test, can’t resolve either (even after manually adding nuget feed as a source to make sure it can find dependencies). VS doesn’t have any issues with it.

@qateam ?

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are you sure all the dependencies for HtmlAgilityPack are there, next to the custom package?
i would suggest adding as PackageSource in Package Manager, restarting Studio and try again. it may take a while to install as that nuget location is huuuuge :slight_smile:

I’ve had nuget added on my home machine - still it couldn’t resolve all dependencies. It didn’t time out, just popped… I can’t remember which one, will check when I’ll get home.
On the same machine VS handled it without problems at all with same nuget configuration, so it seems it’s UiStudio specific.
Downloading packages and including them manually is a workaround, but definitely not a solution.

Adding the nuget Gallery in Studio worked for me, i got all dependencies that i needed.