Unable to install Uipath.Web.Activities


I am unable to install the package - Uipath.Web.Activities in studio version 2017.1.6435.

It gives me an error : Unable to resolve dependency 'Rest Sharp (>= 106.3.1).

Probably that’s the reason I get " Activity couldnot be loaded because of errors in xaml"

Can you please help me out?

@kaishah Are you able to open xaml file ?

@indra Yes. I am able to open the xaml file. Its just one activity that appears in red as the issue text.

Hi @kaishah,

which version of .net framework installed in your machine???
if its lower version please update and try to install.

Arivu :slight_smile:

@kaishah Can you share screenshots so it will be useful to us to give solution

Probably the Web Activity Package version you are trying to install from package manager is a upper version and not supported by studio version 2017.1. solution for that is to update your Studio to latest version and try installing the package again.

@kaishah It means you needs to install the packages.Is it possible to attach your workflow

All the packages are installed except UIPATH.WEB.ACTIVITIES. And I get the same error as mentioned in the subject line

I am using Uipath 2017 enterprise edition with Win 2012 R2 SERVER,. NET 4.0.3

@kaishah Try to install UIPATH.WEB.ACTIVITIES than only issue will be resolved

Some dependent dll is os in higher version not supported by the UiPath Studio v2017.1. upgrade your studio or use any lower version of the web.activities package.

Hello. Sure. Let me try to upgrade the version from uipath 2017 to 2018. Can you please provide me a link from where I can download the latest uipath version? (enterprise edition) ?

Use following link to log a query related to Enterprise:



Upgraded to Uipath 2019, with .NET framework version 4.7.

I still get the error as per the subject line, and I am unable to install the packages

Hi @kaishah

Please try a fresh installation of the Community Edition. It should help here.

Solution : Install Uipath.web.activity version 1.2.6863.33980


you are getting this error 'Rest Sharp (>= 106.3.1) because you are trying to install Higher version of Uipath.web.activity

if you install studio version 2017.1.6435 By default RestSharp.105.0.1.nupkg is installed in your system…
And any version above Uipath.web.activity version 1.2.6863.33980 will throw you error…

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