How to install Html Agility Pack

I need to extract html elements from web pages using xpath. After some study, HtmlAgilityPack seems to be a good choice. I download from , added the download files to a Nuget package file using Nuget Package explorer (followed the instruction at: About Libraries ). The package was seen as “Installed” in UiPath “Manage Package” but cannot be found in the activities.

Any idea about what did I miss? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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TI tried .net 4.0/4.5 package, can’t see them either. May there are not compatible activities, lets wait for others to respond.

Or may be you can create custom activity on Visual studio and import that into Uipath.


I saw this html pack quite commonly used by others with lots of examples. So sad that I can’t use it in UiPath. Thanks for your link but I don’t have visual studio to try that approach.

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May I ask how different this is from web scraping?

The UiPath built-in feature is good at scraping product list, but not individual product details page. Therefore I need to get the raw html of product details and do extracting by my own. I also tried the built-in xmlDocument but it didn’t load because Html is not well-formed structure. Html Agility Pack is good, but any other means that do the job is fine, still looking for alternative soluions…

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