Unable to read scanned PDF correctly

Hi Team,

I am trying to get the details from scanned PDF.i have tried with Omnipage OCR, Tesseract and Microsoft OCR.But unable to capture the correct details.
Please suggest how to do that and if i can use Abbyy OCR to check.
But could not find Abbyy OCR in manage Package.

If you want to use this OCR activity from package UiPath.Abbyy.Activities v1.5.0 in Studio v19.10, please install the UiPath.CoreIPC package, version 2.0.1 or higher."

ABBYY FineReader Engine SDK is required. The engine only works with a license distributed by the UiPath sales department.

Hi @Priyambada_Panda

  1. Try using a different OCR engine. There are many different OCR engines available, and some may work better for your specific use case than others.
  2. If you are using UiPath, you can try using the “Abbyy OCR” activity from the “Abbyy FlexiCapture” package to perform OCR. This activity allows you to use the ABBYY Cloud OCR engine to extract text from images. To install the “Abbyy FlexiCapture” package, go to the “Manage Packages” page in the UiPath Studio, search for “Abbyy FlexiCapture”, and click “Install”.

Kaviyarasu N