Issue regarding pdf scrapping


i am trying to scrape pdf using Get OCR text but the ouput is not as per the scrapped positions.

I tried using Google OCR and Microsoft OCR both but the out is not correct.
Characters are not being read properly, sometimes in place of 8 it takes 3, replaces / with |.
Scale value also i changed but no outcome.
Anyone with the solutionCapture1

HI @Humanshi,

Yes in some of the case it will be like that only.

Use ABBYY OCR method to get accurate result.

Try to change the opacity value and try again

Thank you for your response,

Can you please guide us through the complete installation and integration of Abby OCR Engine with UiPath.

As I tried earlier to integrate Abby OCR with Uipath it was asking about runtime key.
We are using Community Edition

Hi @Humanshi,

It not free

For Abby OCR activity to work, you need to install ABBYY FineReader Engine and purchase a license for it.
Regarding the fact that AbbyOCR option is not visible in screen scraping wizard we will investigate.

Refer this post too

@akila93 hii,

     Is there any workaround or solution that without purchasing the license for Finereader   engine we can resolve this issue.
    This is the issue with the ocr engine or the community edition