Scanned PFD Reading

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Do you think it’s possible to read the data in the following screenshot taken from a scanned document, apart from using Abbyy Flexicapture, what other options can I use.

I have tried the read pdf with OCR (Microsft & Tessaract) and it brings back weird characters.

@SenzoD, There is a limitation to data extraction from non-computer generated PDF’s. Depending on gray scale quality or the scan quality accuracy of data extraction varies.

Without Abbyy or other OCR & ICR engines average accuracy is less that 60%

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Thanks @Ragu9060

Try Uipath.Screen.OCR

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Hi @OmPawar, thanks for your response, how do i find the Screen OCR, do i need to have an Enterprise Edition of Studio?

Please click on include prerelease checkbox and search for Uipath.screenOCR.

The reason why i couldn’t find UiPath.ScreenOCR.Activities was because Official was not checked, and I followed these steps to find it.

In Studio, click Home; Setting, and then Manage Sources, then check official: refer to the screenshots below:

and then refer to this link below if you need The APi Key: UiPath Screen OCR: Now in Public Preview!

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