Unable to pass argument(Full File Path) from Orchestrator to work flow

Hi Buddies,

I am passing an argument i.e., a file path to my work flow, it is not taking it as file path not found. but the same file path. if i am passing the path directly in the arguments section in that xaml it perfectly working. Or if i pass the same value over the Config file, also it is working. Except if i pass through orchestrator.
If i am passing the filepath like yellow highlighted below getting issue:

In the Get Asset activity, you made sure that you have saved the Output into a variable or argument?

@private_matter where this Get Asset activity coming in between.?

Is your filepath stored in Assets personal workspace or any other modern folder? You need to add the filepath to your assets as text(string) in order for you to retrieve it using the Get Asset activity.

Hey buddy, It is just passing a FilePath through arguments to a workflow(xaml) through orchestrator (Like the image depicts in my post), so that i can use the FilePath in my xaml further. But it is not working.
Please go through my post again.


Please print the filepath and check if it is proper…

And inherited from package is not passing but using the same value which is there in the default field already

If you need to pass click edit button and give th file location


Instead of passing the ShareDrive File Path in double quotes(“”) Passing it directly resolved my issue.

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