Passing Path as arguments

I have a Path as a O/p,I want to pass that path in different sequence,please guide,Below if the Path in type into activity.


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Assign that path to one string variable and Create one Argument and mention direction as Out and assign that string variable(Which holds Path value) to Out Argument.

let me try,Thanks for instant reply

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this is not allowing to set default value

Change the File_Path in the Assign activity to out_File_Path.

File_path is not necessary.

Also ensure the put_File_Path is mapped to the correct argument in the calling workflow.

is this what you are saying

Yes .

Can you also provide a screenshot of the calling workflow where the argument is mapped.

I want to pass filePath to the invoked Download Data check WF

so create an argument in the invoked workflow and import it passing the path argument.

Guys its confusing for me,can i get a small workflow so that can help me to understand better

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sure, give me a sec, can you share me your workflow?


I have created a argument in current WF,and assigned it a path.

Now, I want this argument to be used in WF - Data Check


I have created argument with same name in DataCheck WF

check this please

Sure,let me check

just click in import arguments and put the argument you want to receive in the invoke, the argument you had created in data-check should be in, and the argument to pass should be out
if can’t understand upload your xmal please i edit that and give back to you

Additional to your question I propose you to use Path.Combine from System.IO method to create a path.

It’s more easy than take head of all backslashes…

But the message box in DataCheck WF still display blank

upload that workflow buddy, we can check what is happening