File is Not Getting created

Hi All,
Could anyone help me with the issue that i am facing, when i am trying to create a process worklog file in specific location, i was unable to create the text file. I have used Create file, append line and write text file activities after creating a directory using create directory activity.

Firstly i am creating a directory because the path is dynamic and then i am creating the file at that path.
The values for the path are being passed as arguments in the invoked workflow, if i am giving default values to the arguments the file is getting created, but when i am calling the values from main workflow and trying to create the file then it is not created.

The values are being passed properly from the main workflow to the invoked workflow.


Please provide sample screenshots or xaml file to help us understand it better.

Hi Nordin,
Please find the Screenshots of workflows.![Main|690x330](upload://glfnj1ebONzWyjTCPofpQ5


Hi @Ramya1994

Can you attach a workflow?

What exception you can see?


Hi Joshi,
I am getting System exception .! find screenshots of workflows arguments%20in%20Invoked%20Workflow|690x321

Have you properly imported your argument in the parent workflow?
How do you assign the “Path” variable?

In Invoked workflow file i have used one activity Get Asset where i am fetching path from orchestrator assets the value i am getting from that is stored in Path value

Why the “Path” is set as an out argument, and its type as GenericValue, not String?

As this workflow is invoked i need to import it as argument to use in main workflow, so it is set to out argument and it is not taking the string type when i am creating it as a variable by default it is taking type as “Generic Value”.

Hi Guys,
Kindly look into the issue which is mentioned above.

can you just create a new workflow with just the “create file” activity and hardcoded values. If you are able to do so it just means your previous workflow has issues somewhere.

Debug and see the values for each step to ensure that you are doing right

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