Arguments not passing through

I’m getting a really weird error in studio 2023.4.5, some of the arguments I’m passing through are not getting passed even though I pass them correctly, I am always getting the input argument as “null”

Has anyone else experienced this?

Check if the directions are correct.

I have checked directions, it says the correct direction but still not passing through

If you are recreating those arguments from scratch, they have the value?


As another possibility, does variable named same as the argument exist?

If possible, can you share sample which can be reproduced this issue?


If you’re passing arguments from one workflow to another in UiPath and they’re coming through as null, several common issues could be causing this:

1.Check the Direction of the argument: The direction of the argument needs to be set appropriately such as In, Out, or In/Out, depending on what kind of data flow you need.

2.Correct assignment in Invoke Workflow: When you use ‘Invoke Workflow’ to call another workflow file (.xaml), make sure that you’re correctly setting up what variable or argument in the current workflow matches with what argument in the other workflow.

3.Check Variable/Argument Existence: The argument you’re trying to pass might not exist in the called workflow, or it might be erroneously deleted.

4.Mismatch between Variable/Argument names: Ensure that the argument names in the main workflow and the invoked workflow match. The slightest difference in spelling, capitalization, or punctuation will be treated as a completely different argument.

5.Scope of your variables: Ensure that the scope of the variable you’re using to pass in your arguments matches with the expected scope. Some variables may only exist in the context of a specific sequence or loop, and outside of that context, they’ll be seen as null.

6.Initialization: A more common reason could be that the arguments are not initialised properly before they’re used, causing them to remain null.

If you’ve checked all of the above and are still encountering issues, it may be helpful to share your workflow as Yoichi mentioned.

Hi Yoichi, they are two different names, I will share screenshot as I cannot share the workflow.

@Yoichi @marian.platonov here’s my issue.

I have assigned In_TargetFile and an “in” argument.

When the flow goes from

classification rules check > successful(true)> save split documents, in_TargetFile is correctly getting passed.

When the flow goes from

classification rules check> successful(false)> validate and train classifier>successful(true)> save split documents, in_TargetFile is passed as null.

How can this even pass the first time and not the second?