Unable to open the Orchestrator for one of my Tenants

I have admin permissions on UiPath for my company for all tenants. I can get to the orchestrator on all tenants except one . I receive the following error each time I attempt to access the orchestrator for this tenant:
You are not authenticated! (#0)
Sorry! An error occurred and the page will reload (#199 - You are not authenticated! (#0))
Can anyone help me understand what’s going on and how I fix this. FYI. I have tried IE, Chrome and even a completely separate machine. I have cleared cache, and ramped up my permissions. Nothings seems to help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using the Cloud Orchestrator? If yes, from what region is your impacted tenant?
For how long have you noticed this issue?
Are you using an On-Premise Orchestrator?
Can you provide the steps to replicate the issue (what you are accessing, maybe indeed your user it is having a 401 in the backend and the tenant or org name is incorrect and the respective user doesn’t have the Ui Access)?

Forgive me, but I am new to UiPath. My understanding is we use the cloud based Orchestrator. The steps to reproduce the error are simple: from the Home screen simply clicking Orchestrator while pointed to my DEV tenant. Or, while on the DEV tenant if I click the Navigation cube in the top left and click Orchestrator. Also, if I’m on the Orchestrator of another tenant and change the dropdown to my DEV. All will give me that error and immediately log me out. Every time I have to reenter my credentials.

You are using a Community license or an Enterprise license?

I’m using Enterprise. It appears completely removing my user and re-inviting me to the platform resolved the issue.


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