Unable To login into Academy account

Excited to start my journey with UiPath!

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I am experiencing what you all reported. I am not able to login to UiPath Academy. I keep getting the message your credential is invalid.

1- Is the username the full email address or just part of it?
2- Clicked on password reset. Receive the email to reset my password. After I reset it, it doesn’t accept the new password. What should I do?
3- I opened a ticket with. Received a one-time password. The one time password doesn’t let me in either. What to do?
4- When going to the link provided in the email to check the status of the ticket, it asks for OTP. What is that? Is it the ticket/case number? If so, it doesn’t accept it.


Hi @Arezoo_Alibabai,
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If you are not using any of SSO logon option then you need to provide username instead of email to log into academy.

  1. It is ONLY the UserName
  2. OTP is the one time password that gets triggered as an email for you to check the status of the ticket. It will be located in the Junk/Spam folder usually. It will just allow you to open the link for the ticket which you have raised already. (which contains no other information either)

Its just tricky at times! Wish they find a permanent resolution for this. One last option which I tried on troubleshooting is to re-register the Academy with a different Username/email ID if it allows you.

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i am unable to login to academy. when i enter my credentials, page is loaded and home page is displayed again.
request someone look into it.

Hi Pablito,

I created my academy account with “Continue with Google” option.
So when I try to login with email i provided when signing up, it gives me message " Invalid email address or password"
I can only login with “Continue with google” only. Not with my email. So frustating. I am not getting email to reset password even if i do “Forget Password”, cleared cache as well. Not helping. Please advise. Also, why is the login process always have problems with UIpath???


Login with google option is exactly as it says to use google provided accounts. It will work only if you have created you account using this option and your google (gmail) email account. This option works on kind of federation services where google sends us confirmation that such email exist and can be authenticated in the system. But we are not managing, not even have possibility to do such thing when you are using external service to log on. So the password can’t be reset by us but by google. And password with which you are log into academy based on this option will be you gmail password as well. I hope now you will know how it works.