Unable to Login to UIpathAcademy

Hi, I have reset 5 times my UiPath academy account password but still unable to login…Can somebody help with this??

Hi @Rajnish

I tried to login and I was able to login successfully…

try clearing the browser cache and also in different browsers.
Also make sure the caps lock is not ON by default… :slight_smile:

@Lahiru.Fernando, Thank you for your response but unfortunately it didn’t work.:relieved:


I hope you are trying with the mail ID. Can you give a try using User Name :slight_smile:

I remember someone having the same problem yesterday or the day before… Just can’t find the post or recall my memory on what the resolution was… :thinking::thinking:

I am trying with user name, still issue persist.

Anyways thanks for responsive, I appreciate.

@Rajnish I am facing the same issue in firefox browser in last 2 hour. But it perfectly works in Google chrome with same user name and password.


Thank u for your response but for me it’s not working with any browser.

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Try to create a new academy account with a new mail id

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