Unable to interact with GUI when using unattended bots

Dear all,

I have developed a bot that is working fine on a EC2 virtual machine using a Remote Desktop Session but is failing when I am disconnected or when I minimize RPD-session (and the bot is initiated by Orchestrator). My Unattended Robot has to open browser and click some buttons but it doesn’t work under locked screen / minimized RDP-Session while everything works fine on maximized RPD both from orchestrator and from Assistant.

When the process fails on Orchestrator, I connect to RPD again and I notice that the browser is open but no button is clicked (Timeout reached alert). For this reason I think it could be a GUI problem with disconnected RPD.
Any advice?

Thank you in advance

Hi @NicoCal94,
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Are you on the enterprise of community version?

Hi @Pablito ,
thank you for your answer, I have a Community License right now

This is an expected behavior then. Community Edition of the Studio have some limitations over the unattended config because the Robot Service is deployed in the user mode. Take a look on this documentation:

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Thank you for your quick answer @Pablito,
Now I can’t undestand how to switch from User Mode to Windows Service. I read about
“Converting Robot Deployment Type” but I can’t do it from Command Prompt, can you help me with a detailed guide? Is Enterprice Edition necessary to work with Service Mode Robot?
Any advice is useful for me

Thank you for your patience

The easiest way is to install the Robot from the msi package.

Hi @Pablito

I am facing the same issue, but I have a enterprise version and using computer vision activities, normally robot could able to open the application but then getting timeout when I am unattended. It works totally fine when I am on screen while process runs. What could be the possible issue?

Thanks in advance.

Please check if your robot is configured as the unattended. Eventually you can open a case for our Technical Support so they will be able to help you directly.

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Thank you @Pablito . Currently robot is set to NonProduction, That seems to be the issue right? I only have two licences for Unattended and both are used.

Yes, that might be an issue.

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hi @shandilya.suthar15 , Have you found the solution for your Problem