Remote Desktop - Run unattended robot


I would like to know if someone can give me some guidance with the problem I am having.

It turns out that I need to run an unattended process that interacts with several websites inside a virtual machine. When I run the tests being connected to the machine the flow runs without problems but when I try to start the execution from the orchestrator and without anyone connected to the machine I get an error with the selectors that are responsible for performing the actions on the web pages. Basically I get a timeout because it does not find them.

At first I had a problem with the windows window blocking. I discovered that the error was occurring because I was closing the connection to the remote desktop incorrectly and that it should be done from the windows options. The problem with this is that when I log out and go to the orchestrator and run a process, it remains in a pending state and the machine status shows as “Disconnected”.

Seeing that this solution gave me more problems than solutions, I decided to continue closing the window of the virtual machine in the wrong way, because after a while the process does run, but I get the error with the selectors of the web (the first thing I mentioned).

I don’t know if I have to configure something else inside the virtual machine so that this doesn’t happen to me.

Thanks in advance!!!


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Could you please check below things first.

  1. We should have any on going connections with the VM(bot machine) like user logins. to avoid this we have to restart the VM to make sure that no user logged into this VM machine.

  2. Have you installed the Bot which you are running as un attended from orchestrator by using MSI installer since we must install the bot with service mode since service mode bot is required for un attended automation.

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Hello @Gokul001

I checked the points mentioned and they are ok in both cases.

As additional information, currently in that virtual machine there are other RPA processes running correctly, the difference between those and the one you are trying to pass is the use of the web browser.

Check the @Gokul001 points and also check you have used unattended license and proper user.

How do you have the UIPath installed and configured?

We faced similar issues down to me having it installed wrongly and I put this down to the earlier version of the installer which was not as obvious

As far as I know, to have a robot login via RDP or connect to a machine as if it was a user (i.e. not into an existing session) you must have the robot installed as a service

I guess if you have done this correctly, you could just check that there is a UIPath robot windows service installed and running

Good luck