Unable to interact UiPath with HP ALM


According to our business requirement we have to perform some actions in hp alm using uipath.
but when i am trying to indicate any activity on screen on my vm for hp alm , my screen turns to black and uipath closes forcefully.
i have checked some forum updates regarding hp alm and installed java package (uipath.java.activities)but same issue i am facing on vm.
when i am trying same on my local just to test with community version with java package , then activities like type into, image click are working fine but click not working.
Kindly help me with same issue.
why uipath not interacting with hp alm?
and how can i perform actions on Hp Alm with Uipath?
community version : 2021.4.4
VM Version : 2019.10.4
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Please use Accessibility Insights to find out if HP ALM is exposing any selectors. You can download & install Accessibility Insights; and spy elements on the website (same as using Type Into, Click activities) or directly on HP ALM app. If you are able to see elements properly being displayed in the Insights app, then HP ALM is exposing selectors. In this case, automation is possible.

If you are unable to see elements in Insights app, then HP ALM is not suitably coded for automation as the selectors are not exposed. As a work-around, we may try using Computer Vision(CV) or Image based automation to achieve desired results.

i have installed “for windows” one and will check .
but what is the reason we cant communicate with HP ALM directly through uipath ?

This depends on target application. Have given my understanding in the 2nd para of my previous response. Hope that helps.