UI cannot interact with a specific software


I got an error with UiPath and really need your help.

I have tried to build an automation process to type data into a specific software. However, all activities in UiPath do not work with this software. Particularly:

  • Click: The software has some functional button. UiPath studio can recognise the button in the software but it does not work;
  • Send hot key: within the software environment, when I press Ctrl + O, an open window will pop up to open a file. However, when I use Send hot key activities in UiPath with the same (i.e. Ctrl +O), it does not work.

Both UiPath and the software were run in Admin mode. It seems that the software does not allow an UI software to interact with it.

I have checked the manifest file of the software and noticed the below message but not quite sure whether it is the reason or not.

    <requestedExecutionLevel level="asInvoker" uiAccess="false" />

It would be so great if anyone can help me out with this issue. Do appreciate that.


@trung2403 Welcome to Community forum.

What type of application is that (Java or .net based or any other)?
I would suggest you to check with admin or vendor for enabling Ui interaction. Sometimes, it is disabled for security reasons.

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