Unable to Install Community Edition Studio

Hi All.
I am unable to install UiPath Studio community edition. IWhenver i try to install the Studio, I dont even get a prompt to select Studio/StudioX and it always automatically installs UiPath StudioX.
I can see in my Automation cloud License allocation, its Automation Express and not Automation developer. Iam not sure how itgot changed.

Can anyone please help me on this?

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Hi @jpadmanaban, welcome to the Community.

The following resources might help you with the same:


Hope this helps,
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hi @jpadmanaban

Click on “start pro trail” you will get the unattended automation liscense.

you will 60 days of free trail and later you will be reverted back to community edition.

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Hi Vasanth, Thanks a lot. Its working now.

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