Unable to install studio,

Hi All,

I am trying to install UiPath studio trial version, but every time it downloads studioX, instead of studio. how can I download studio? I have a lot of projects developed in Studio and they are not compatible with studioX.


For now, can you check your plan at Admin-Licenses in AutomationCloud?

If your plan is free, Studio cannot be used. It might be necessary to re-create your organization as Community plan.


Yes, it says free. What do you mean by recreate organization as a community plan? How can I do that?


Can you try to create new organization by another account (or delete current organization then re-create it)

As of now (2023/3/3), First, click TryUiPathFree in UiPath web site.

Then click “Get AutomationCloud for community”


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Hello @Krithi1

After the installation are you able to switch the studiox to studio in the profile tab?


Hi @Krithi1

Click on settings > Than click license & Profile tab > than click Change profile studioX to studio


@Krithi1 faced the same ddnt change any organisation Level , reinstalled and reconnected assistant , then the option to change profile came up in settings → licenses and → profiles → change profile → studio