Add in issue - activated but cannot use indidate in excel

Hi all,
I am using StudioX 2021.4.3 and excel 2016. When I try to indicate in Excel, Project_notebook will pop up with UiPath add-in but not the excel worksheet i would like to indicate. The add-in does not pop up even if i open my excel work file in that project_notebook window…
please help. Thanks!

*i can upload only one image since I am a new user… but my add-in is “activated” and the load behaviour is “load at startup”


So if I understand correctly if you try and indicate in the project_notebook then the UiPath add-in is loaded but when you try to indicate in another excel file it will not.

Might I ask 2 things, first can you please give us the logs ( %localappdata%/UiPath/Logs) and it would be most helpful if you could record how you are triggering the UiPath plugin :slight_smile:

Btw in order to upload more stuff you should spend 10 minutes on the forum , but we bumped your rights so that you could upload a zip file


I am having a similar issue in that the Excel Add In for UI Path is installed and appears to load, but the icons do not appear (similar to the second screenshot above).
It used to work, but then stopped. Went through all the discussions and the troubleshooting, but no success.

any suggestions