Add in issue - activated but cannot use indidate in excel

Hi all,
I am using StudioX 2021.4.3 and excel 2016. When I try to indicate in Excel, Project_notebook will pop up with UiPath add-in but not the excel worksheet i would like to indicate. The add-in does not pop up even if i open my excel work file in that project_notebook window…
please help. Thanks!

*i can upload only one image since I am a new user… but my add-in is “activated” and the load behaviour is “load at startup”


So if I understand correctly if you try and indicate in the project_notebook then the UiPath add-in is loaded but when you try to indicate in another excel file it will not.

Might I ask 2 things, first can you please give us the logs ( %localappdata%/UiPath/Logs) and it would be most helpful if you could record how you are triggering the UiPath plugin :slight_smile:

Btw in order to upload more stuff you should spend 10 minutes on the forum , but we bumped your rights so that you could upload a zip file