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I tried everything… but i don’t have a solution yet. When I use the function “Indicate in Excel”, I keep getting the following error message: “Do you want to install or attempt to repair the UiPath Excel Add-in? If you’ve already tried this and it isn’t working, see our troubleshooting guide Excel Add-in

Why do the connection to the UiPath Excel Add-in fail? I tried out everything… but it doesn’t work. Who can help me?

Thank you in advance and BR


Did you try repairing?

And did you keep the excel open?

Go to trust center and trust center settings and try enabling all addins and activex as well


Hi Anil_G
Yes, I did try the repairing. It still doesn’t work…
In the trust center it all looks good, i enabled everything and the error message still appears unfortunately…

any other ideas?


Can you please refer to this post : MS Excel Add-in not installed - #40 by dragos.suma and try to see if it solves your issue. If not could you please provide the following :

Regarding logs, they are usually found in %localappdata%/UiPath/Logs and

  • Studio.log – gives us information on how the Studio started or if it was able to load all the correct libs.
  • Execution.log – gives us information on what happens after you click the run button
  • UiPath.ExcelAddIn.log – gives us information on how the plugin interacted with Excel ( will not be present if the Add-In failed to install )
  • ExcelAddIn_Install.log – gives us information on the issues encountered during the Excel plugin installation ( in this particular case it’s the most important )

Along with Studio version and Office version :slight_smile:


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