Unable to identify McAfee application elements on Windows

I am trying to click on a button on the McAfee LiveSafe application. When using Ui Explorer, and bringing the mouse over this window, the whole window seems to be the only element I can select. Not the individual elements on the window. “Scan for viruses”, “Remove cookied and trackers” and so on.

See this image. It has 5 buttons on the bottom. Normally, by using the mouse I can click on any of these buttons. But with UI Explorer in UiPath, I am unable to identify the specific buttons.

What am I missing?

It depends on the application. Maybe this one in particular is build on some Frame that doesn’t allow individual elements to be selected. You can use Image Automation (Click Image activity for example) or Computer Vision activities instead to be able to select individual elements: AI Computer Vision is Now Available for Preview

You are right. It may have been developed in flash. I’ll use your advice and see how that goes.