Window application - UI element not recognised. Entire window identified as single element


I am trying to automate a window application but the entire application is identified as single element. Selectors doesn’t recognize each objects such as username, password etc.

I tried changing the UI framework as suggested in another topic but it din’t help.

Do I need to install any specific packages? I was able to automate the application with send keys but this doesn’t seems to be reliable option.

I need to do a bunch of activities on this application and cannot rely on send keys method always.

Any advise would be much appreicated.


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@Praveen8008 You might need to install the Java Extension depending on the Application. Can you try by installing the Java extension and check if it Works. After installing Restart Studio as well as the Application and check if it works.

Hi @Praveen8008

Kindly clarify what type of application is that…
because this can be handled with three possibilities

  1. If that application is made with JAVA, then we need to install JAVA EXTENSION from studio under start -> tools option
    and before installing close the applications made out of JAVA.
    Once after installing you will be able to identify each element as a individual element


  1. if thats not a JAVA application then you can definitely use SEND HOT KEY and is the most reliable one…
    yah we might be in need of lot of send hot key activity with tab key which would make workflow more larger…
    but that can be minimized by keeping the set of send hot key activities inside the while loop and will make the workflow appear neat.
    and its the most reliable method that even uipath suggests


  1. still if not comfortable with send hot key activity we can try with COMPUTER VISION activity and with that we will be able to easily identify the elements in that application

Hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @Praveen8008

Hi Palaniyappan,

It looks like the application is developed using one of the following technologies - or VC++. Are there any packages available to automate the applications that are developed using these kind of old technologies?

Sendkeys works for me, I will try computer vision as well in the meantime.

Thanks a lot for your support!


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This will work for sure @Praveen8008
If its dot net framework application then we will be able to identify the elements
I wonder why it’s not able to
Did we once try with other UiFramework from UI Explorer like we have UI Automation and Active Accessibility which plays really great in selecting elements from legacy application

Cheers @Praveen8008

@Praveen8008 Is the application like a console type of Application where in there are no UiElements prsent at all ? If possible a Screenshot of the application would be helpful.

Hi @Palaniyappan, @supermanPunch,

The application that I am referring to is a published application and hence Citrix recording and computer vision recording works fine.

One last question - Are there any limitations of using Citrix recording or Computer vision.Because When I chose computer vision for the first time it displayed a message regarding throughput limitation. Is this something that I need to be worried about?


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Hmm no @Praveen8008 the detail from a Citrix scope is sent to UiPath for generating the algorithm and enable us to access each element
It’s safe

Cheers @Praveen8008

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