Not recognising the correct element when run on another laptop

I am creating an automation for a web application with many different functions and buttons. When I run the automation on my laptop, it works fine. However, when I send the automation over to another laptop of a different screen size, the selector will throw an error of not being able to identify the element.

An example would be clicking the “Settings” button, where on my laptop it will detect and click the button correctly, while on the other laptop it will not even detect the button.

Any advice?

Hi @yang.keat.tan ,

Can you check once if the extension is installed and enabled?
Lets say if you’ve automated Chrome, Can you check in the second laptop whether it is installed or not?

and have you used Images to click as well?

Hi @adiijaiin, I am currently trying to automate an external application that does not have an extension with UiPath. Also, can you give an explanation on what you mean by “Images to click?”

hi @yang.keat.tan

you might be using modern design experience,
in their when we are identifying an UI element,
at that point sometimes an image based activity is also selected
Something like this:

Ensure image is not selected. and you’re using a reliable selector.

hi @adiijaiin
what if I want to click on an image like the back arrow button? would deselecting “image” still be effective? If not, any advice on what the workarounds are?

If it’s a button on a page, it would be having a selector with some class attribute or parentid or some attribute by which UiPath would be able to identify that its a back button.
Try finding that selector.

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