Facing issues in desktop automation


I have created a workflow, where I am fetching data from database and filling that data on desktop.
There are several issues I am facing:
1.) I tried indicating all the elements correctly using selectors but it fails, by giving different different error like from yesterday it is giving me that object reference not set to object. Not sure, if client has changes the Xpath on their portal.
2.) The bot fails when the screen resolution is more than the machine on which i have developed it.
3.) Does changing xpath on client portal affects the development we had done on UiPath.
PS: I am using strict selector for all the activities.

Can someone please help me in solving these issues.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Riya_Bansal

So two points here

  1. If you have used css selector in your selector then yes definitely change in xpath will effect the selector
  2. To have the resolution of the target machine set to specific value… you can go to robot settings on orchestrator then go to advanced and then select log into console as false and set the resolution that you need


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