Level 3 Assignment 1 - Annoying popup

Hello All,

cant seem to get rid of this pop-up (attachment), as the element is not being recognized in any way by UiPath. looks like the inspect element in chrome also doesn’t show any HTML elements. this pop-up comes only when i use the robot with chrome, not when i manually open the URL, looks like its part of the challenge or maybe not …

any idea how to deal with this ? cant get past the login-screen


The popup shows when you haven’t filled in your emailadress and then press the login button. So is your process filling in the fields (username/password) or does it open the page and press the login button at once?


Use IE browser instead of Chrome and this ACME site was compatible with IE browser and Uipath can find elements easily.

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Thanks Jvanmarion,

I did have the login activities, but login sequence doesn’t go forward without addressing the Popup issue and i cant see to find a way to fix this … I just replaced IE with chrome. Thanks for your response though.