How to handle "Authentication Required" chrome popup


Try with set value activity and selector would be parent page title. Make sure you are using wildkey character (*)to generalize the selector. After entering both user name and pw then I recommend to use send key “enter” instead of click on login button.
Hope my inputs are useful.


Make use of Image Exist activity (which returns Boolean value) post to that add if condition which validates the popup available or not if tru you can proceed with credentials part if not just move to next step.

I tried Image exist activity but it was not effective so i checked continue on error checkbox in properties in case if it is not appearing.

Its a Boolean value its never returns error.:stuck_out_tongue:
Even if you set true how you gonna proceed further without entering credentials.(are passing credential twice (for both case)?)
Not sure why Image exist not effective it works for me every time. :slight_smile:
or you can use On element appear or On image appear

anyways i assume you checked below post.

Thank you ddpadil for your post

how does this work , can you please explain it further .
What is the name of the activity and how do we use this