How to input user name and password from robot to default pop up window of crome


I have to input user name and password from robot to google crome default login pop up.
I am unable to do so. As I am unable to input it.

When I visit login page it asks for credentials in default google crome browser. How can I accomplish this.

Do u mean to accomplish the functionality of chrome of auto filling the already saved username and password (if we have saved the credentials in the browser) when we click on login?

No . I am not saving credentials in browser. Its like when I load my login page, it askes for credentials in default browser pop up.

I am not able to find the correct selector for the Authentication pop up .whenever I try to use Type into activity it selects the whole authentication window or selects the main page as selector.Please help me out to opt only to select the Username/password input there any other way if possible to give the inputs to the authentication pop up.Please let me know !!!

Hey @elina,

Basically you can try to identify your selectors using UiExplorer for the authentication popup. it does take around a minute to get and populate the selectors for the elements under popup until then UiExplorer is hanged. In most of the cases the selectors are common for the authentication. Attaching a workflow which deals with one such authentication popup in chrome. Have a look at it you can implement it for your workflow.
AuthenticationPopupLogin.xaml (11.3 KB)

Let me know if it helps. :slight_smile:

Rammohan B.