Unable to get selectors for calender in desktop application

Uipath is unable to capture selectors for calender(datepicker) for a desktop application. Is there any solution or a way out other than OCR or image automation.


Hey, It depends on different scenario.
Did Uipath select Outside DOM or you are not able to make selector for dates only.
Is it a dynamic calendar or static one ?

it says could not get ancestory info, selectors are not captured by uiexplorer


Woah, Do you want to enter date in date picker ?
If yes, do you have input box available ?
If yes, will it be of this format Wed 02-06-2020 (“Day dd-MM-yyyy”) format ?

@Priyanka_Sharma1 can you check on this ?

check on what?

input BOX is not working, i tried type into and set attribute actvities.


Well if attributes is not working and if you can’t type into using type into activities, in that case you have to use CV/Computer Vision