How to get the value from calender input box - #uipath automation

I have a scenario in uipath test automation. here i selected date from the date calendar. after selecting the date i want to print the selected date in message box. could any one help.

I tried with getAttribute and getText but it is throwing "Get Attribute ‘INPUT start-date_srp’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: "

@Sasidhar143 Can you Show us the Screenshot of the Selector used in the Get Attribute in UiExplorer with it being Validated.

Thanks for ur support and immediate reply, I got it…i changed with getAttribute -value then i got it. Thanks

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@Sasidhar143 Good Going :smiley:

small request, can you help me out in the following scenario:
visited goibibo website
entered from, to and selected date and clicked search button(hyd to chennai, 30 may).
it will display some flights
then click book button in the first flight in the results section.
it will open the another tab with the flight details to enter the passenger details…
I tried to get the text and print in the message box

here my uipath screenshot

sometimes i got the text but many times failed like that. could you please help me

@Sasidhar143 You should use UiExplorer to get hold of many other attributes, as some of the selectors won’t be available at first and you need to Select them. Open the Selector in UiExplorer and Indicate the Element again to make it validated and send it’s Screenshot.

I used that diff diff options from uiexplorer still it failed.

and one more amzing thing is
Just restarted my studio then “value” does not shown in the get attribute of input calendar attributes in the uipath options…

@Sasidhar143 Can you please Send the Screenshot of Selector and the attributes that you have used in UiExplorer ?

@Sasidhar143 Indicate Element and make it Validated and send the Screenshot of UiExplorer again. Since it is not validated. The Other Attributes are not Showing up.

@Sasidhar143 The text that you want to Extract is the Hyderabad - Chennai Saturday Text right ?

yes exactly

@Sasidhar143 Can you Highlight and check if it is Highlighting that element, there should have been a aaname or innertext attribute to get the Text in it. If it highlights the proper element. Use Get Attribute with that Selector and use “aaname” as the attribute name and check if it works.

aaname and innertext is not available for this…but it is highlighting.

Note: I have a doubt. When we spy a webelement, UiPath ( attributes) should show the same which are available in the web…there we can chose which ever is enough for us.

Note: After spying a web element in the getAttribute/getText activuty - that highlighted list should display (in the below screen)the web element attributes from the webpage…it should not show otherthan that…

my email is, if you don;t mind and u have free time then can I call you and share my screen… could you please share your email

@Sasidhar143 Use this Selector in Get Attribute Activity with attribute name as innertext and Check if it works :

<html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘*’ />
<webctrl parentid=‘content’ tag=‘DIV’ parentclass=‘flightDetails fl’ />

The text may contain extra details than only the required one but then you can use String Manipulation to get the part of data that you need.

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Yes i got it finally…thanks lot

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