How to select the date in calenders (datepicker) via StudioX

How to select a date in calenders when don´t are writable, only selectable.

you can try select date by UiPath or better way it will be use jscript for webpage.
Is it the webpage or application ?

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HI ,

The general click activity can be used and in selector the date can be passed as variable.

Hi, thank’s for answer. It´s webpage.

Can you share how your selector looks like ?

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For example for the year:

We can’t use this selector to do this.
Could you also share view from UI Explorer ?

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Ok, but im think UI Explorer not available in studiox.
view in chrome:

Can’t you click this ?

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Ok. So, now you can try adjust selector to be reliable. Try use name contains the year. So it will be you dynamic selector.
I hope it is possible in StudioX :slight_smile:

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Hi. Have you a example to see how can make it??

maybe can use something how that’s??.

no I haven’t an example to try figure it out.

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