Urgent!Ask for help to select the date picker

Calender1111.xaml (25.8 KB) Add Freelance.xlsx (9.5 KB)

I want to select the date from csv to web data picker, but the UI path didn’t work.
Anyone have ideas to solve my problems???
Thank you!

Hi @Yamxx,
Can you tell what exactly is not working? Is Studio unable to catch selector or something else?

Thank you for your reply! How can I ask the UiPath to click the number in the calendar according to the excel?

For example by using Read Range activity from which you could “gain” variables from particular cells and the push them into dynamic selector for calendar UiElement.

Hi @Yamxx

As your selecting date in the format of drop down list in calendar Try to use select item activity and pass the variable to it.

Thanks & Regards,
A Manohar