Unable to Get Outlook Mail Messages - The specified folder does not exist


I’ve got Outlook (You have Microsoft Outlook Version 1.2023.1207.400 (Production)) installed on my laptop and configured with the default email account.
However I get “The specified folder does not exist” when using Activity “Get Outlook Mail Messages”. I think there is a communication issue between Studio and Outlook. Are there any kind of Plugin or Extension I have to install to enable the Studio to communicate with Outlook?
I’ve tried many times either providing the account or without it, or even providing wrong account and still getting the same issue.


I’ve checked the library and it seems to be the latest.

I’ve checked the language settings on outlook and ensured it is “United States English”

Thanks in Advance for any hints.

No need to install any plugin or extension to use outlook, no need even to indicate the account, it will read your default account.
Is the name of you inbox folder really “Inbox”? Because even if the outlook application is in english, you need to specify the name of the folder exactly how it is showing for you.

I just tested using the same package you are using:

And it worked for me, but even with my outlook in english

I needed to put the real name of my inbox folder, which is “Caixa de Entrada” in my case

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve rechecked and “Inbox” is actually named “Inbox”.
Anything else to check?

Do you have any autonomy to change the outlook version? Not sure but it could be related to this outlook version you have, I would try to install another version like Outlook 2021.

Hi @hgaber105

Are you able to send mails ? Please check if send mail is working.

Unfortunately, sending email failed with the following error:

Source: Send Outlook Mail Message

Message: An error occured while trying to initialize the Outlook session.
Make sure Outlook is installed on your system! If Outlook is installed this error might be due a corrupt installation. Please repair Office installation.

do you have installed Outlook and assigned properly account there?
Maybe easier will be use activity ‘get imap mail messages’.

Hi @hgaber105

There seems to be some issues with your outlook application.

Try to open outlook and run the activity to check if its working otherwise try reinstalling outlook.

You can alternatively try to use mail protocols like imap, smtp etc…


you can repair the office installation from UiPath studio by following the below option.

Home → Tools → Apps → Repair tool for Microsoft Office