Unable to get focus on notification window in Internet Explorer when moving project to a robot

I have created a process that saves a document from a website using the notification window in IE - this was easily achieved with clicks as you would expect. It worked perfectly when running from Studio on my local computer.


However, when I moved to the project to my remotely-connected robot and tried to run the process through its Studio it would not recognise the notification popup window to save and would not continue on to click save and follow the rest of the process through.

I eventually managed to resolve this by inserting a “send hotkey” activity to press alt+N which brings the IE notification window into focus.

I had tried checking the selectors and re-recording the clicks, but nothing would work. Alt+N was the fix.

Any clues as to why it worked perfectly without the need to include alt+N on my local copy, but when trying to run it remotely it stops right at that point?


From what I understand… If you are running the automation remotely it doesn’t always recognize selectors because it only has an image of the applications and not the actual applications, so the selectors aren’t recognized. The OCR activities are supposed to remedy that. Or you could do a citrix type recording.

Can confirm I tried different recording options and each time it stalled at this exact part! Played with the selectors too!

Hi @Sheri

Crafting a selector that works for this one all the time might be tricky, but should be doable.

I would suggest trying to indicate a relative element after indicating element to make it more robust:

I’m experiencing the exact same thing. Capturing save drop-down in an IE notification bar works locally. However, when packaging process onto a remote server run on Orchestrator, this activity fails. I have tried literally everything I can think of and cannot resolve this. Has anyone found a solution to this impediment? Hot Key Alt N does not fix issue for me.

Hey Mark :slight_smile: Are you able to share how it fails? Does UIPath give an exception or just hang because it’s looking for it?

Hey, anyone found how to solve it? I’m on the exactly same problem. Well, my case is, robot can recognize it, but studio is not. I checked both of all options of IE but I cannot find any of differences. :frowning:

the actual problem seems to be the drop down selector getting highlighted even if the notification window not present. Its failing on remote/production server may be due to increase in downloading time and the bot clicked invisible drop down button even before it appears.

this below comment on other forum (Save as on web page - #3 by aksh1yadav) worked for me. -
“I had this problem before with IE so you can try it here. Use an On Element Appears Activity, change the options so that check WaitVisible and set RepeatForever to False and indicate the Save Buttons. Now the button should be clicked as soon as is visible.”