Unable to find created robot when running a JOB v2020.4

Please advice.
I am trying to run my first project through orchestrator.
I have connected orchestrator, created a robot ,made it available, attached to environment but yet unable to find it when running a job.
**I can find my created process through uipath assistant.

Thanks in advance.

Can you check the Process tab in Orchestrator?

hi @Varshith_Ambati,

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  1. Go to the Processes Tab Under Automation.
  2. Click on the Plus Button a the Right Top.
  3. Create the Process for the package and assign to the respective Environment.


Hi @mukeshkala and @jhj3627

Thank you for your response.

I guess I am doing the same.
I created a process and then trying to run.

Can you go to the Environment Tab and verify if we have Robots assigned to the DEV Environment.



Yes it is.


Got it!

I changed the robot type to unattended and it worked… Not sure whats wrong with Studio and StudioX types.

This is strange : One last thing can you go to the Job Tab and try to Run a New Job.

So whenever we Select a Process to run a Job - The environment Name should come with the Process Name. So the Job Should be like test2_DEV .

Can you please try to run it from Job Tab .

Also , please show - what option the Dropdown gives you in Jon Tab when you type Test2