Issue while creating Jobs


I need help while creating jobs in Orchestrator
I have created Process, linked Robot with the Environment but while creating Jobs after selecting the desired Process I am unable to see any Robots

Hi @shreya_rao welcome to UiPath Community

For this first we need to create a process i.e., binding process and environment

After successful creation we need to start job

once you click it you can select the robots you want to run the process and start it.

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I have created a process with the required environment and the BOTs associate with it still there are no robots showing while creating job

can you share the screen shot of the bots associated with environment and process u created


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Pls ensure that these points are clarified and once done you will be able to run the job

—The environment which is tagged to a process has robots in it. To validate that go to Environments tab and search for the environment which you tagged with the process and to the right side of that environment name click on three dots and click on Manage and search there for the robot you have connected.
If we he robot is enabled then while running the job you will be displayed with the robot name

Cheers @shreya_rao