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Hello Team,
I have created a robot,but unable to assign environment to it…Please guide

In ROBOTS tab we got a tab in the top called Environment where we will be able to create a environment

Once after creating environment click on three dots at the right end of that environment name where click on MANAGE option and there we can include the robot we want

For more options

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Thank you…:slight_smile:

Cheers @Mayyur

But now im unable to find process in Jobs Queue,

as well as Robot is also not avaliable

Is the robots added to that ProductionEnvironment
And if it’s added once after that in JOBS tab while only after choosing the process name we will be listed with the robots in that environment

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In the first image of robot tab see the value under environment it’s not Production_Environment
It’s something different
While the Process been created is tagged with

Cheers @Mayyur

I have reconstructed things as follows,

Please guide

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You were almost done
On small change in the ROBOT TAB
Choose UNATTENDED as robot type while creating robot or even now you can make an update
As attended robots can’t be triggered rather only managed, so they won’t get displayed while trying to run a job for a process
Cheers @Mayyur

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