Cannot select Item from Dropdown list

I need to select a item from drop down list and itemvalue is taken from a column in Excel Sheet.
I tried Select item Activity throws error : “This control does not support select item”, as per previous topic suggestion, used Click Activity, still not of use.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

can you please share the selector used for select item. for sharing please use the preformat button </> from editor. Thanks

Thanks for your reply, I have attached Selector Editor window for all scenarios, thanks for your help in this regard.

You may add the following activities in order,

  1. Click “Dropdown list arrow” :arrow_down_small:(so that the item list will show up)
  2. Set Focus on the item list
    3-1. Assign an ItemValue(variables-String) that you’d like to select.
    3-2. Click ItemValue with Target Selector
    "<html title='Juzzgo' /><webctrl aaname='" & ItemValue & "' tag='BUTTON' />"

pls let me know if this works for you. :upside_down_face:

Yeah, make sure you use the Open in UIExplorer option to create a good selector that doesn’t use idx and has an identifiable selector.

But, that isn’t the reason for the error.

I would suggest making sure your UiAutomation activity package is updated. Then, try again.

As a workaround, you may try the Select Multiple Items activity, and just use the string inside an array.

Another useful workaround when this happens, is the Set Attribute activity. You can probably use the attribute “text”. However, you need to use a Get Text after, to verify that the dropdown correctly selects it.

I don’t normally suggest this option, but you can also use a Click, then Select Item. Sometimes dropdowns don’t enable the item selection until it is clicked.


Another solution, which most of us forget about is that you can select the item sometimes by simply using the “Click” with Simulate checked. Use the selector that identifies the item you want to select.

hi, sorry for my late reply, thank you, it worked the only difference is that I passed the variable to selector and it worked.

Variable Nam : Agent.

thank you Clayton for your reply, Sorry for my delay message. I really appreciate you for sharing your knowledge. Good Work, Keep it up buddy

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