Unable to extract table data from website

i am trying to fetch data from google finance which is in table format but its not working in both modern and classic type please help how can i extract that data as datatable .

HI @ankur_kaushik2

Try selecting the NuStar Energy L.P. as second element instead of 2238 in data scrapping



it worked .thanks

here i am stuck with another datatable,
as its shown in website its in table format and i want pre-close,DAY RANGE,year range etc in columns not in rows but its extracting with both as rows data how can i make them as columns of datatable and in right as rows data below them respectively

Hey @ankur_kaushik2 !! I war working on a solution for this problem for you! But I had to stop for a while because of my job.

In this case you dont need to extract as a DT but you can extract each information using labels as anchors. Thne you can use theese informations to add to a DT that you can initialize in the init of your code with pre defined columns.

Hope this helps!!

BTW i will send my solution here at the end of the day.

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HI @ankur_kaushik2

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