Unable to excute query uipath

Hi Team,

Connection ro database is successful
but unable to delete, insert or select query for the same and also no error thrown

Kindly please help


Hi @Supriya_Yenaganti

Check Query Syntax : Ensure that the SQL queries you are trying to execute are valid and have the correct syntax. Any errors in the SQL syntax can cause queries to fail silently.

Try the same query in the SQL and try if it is working then let me know.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Supriya_Yenaganti

  • Make sure that the database is up and running.
  • Make sure that the database is not in read-only mode.
  • Make sure that the query is syntactically correct.
  • Make sure that the query is using the correct database schema.
  • Make sure that the user account that you are using has the correct permissions to run queries.

Hope it helps!!

Check syntax of query and given values

same query is working in sql

Provide a screenshot or log for further review.

Are you using Non query execute activity?


What activities are you using …for connection did you teat the connection and check?