Database Connect Bug/ Error

Hey guys here is an issue we’ve seen with the ‘Database Connect’ activity. If the Database Connect activity runs and it does not make a connection into the SQL database it will not error, and then UiPath will mark the next activity in line (in our case either an ‘Execute Query’ ‘Execute NonQuery’ as having a timeout error) – in reality what we are seeing is the Database Connect activity itself never sends out or is able to establish a connection but continues to move on to the Execute Query which will then try and query something that has no connection and ultimately time out before getting a response back from the SQL server.

Hi @cssc

Could you make sure that you have the latest version of the Database activity package?

Then, could you please provide a sample configuration that is causing this issue? Could it be that some firewall is blocking the connection?

Found this was tied to our index setup on the tables.

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Thank you for an update. Would you consider this an issue with the activity package or rather point mostly to the specific configuration that you had?

In other words, is there something we can fix here? :slight_smile:

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It looks like there is nothing to fix on your guys’ end, we were just getting inconsistent feedback from UiPath of where and what the error was; Connect vs Query.

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